R&D Capacity


R&D Center has an analytical testing center and a burning test laboratory. The original value of the equipment is 5 million RMB. There are precision instruments such as gas chromatograph, ultraviolet photometer and infrared spectrometer. The test and test conditions are at the leading level in domestic.
Taking the leading domestic industry development and participating in international competition as the starting point, the company develops products with diversified high-end products as the core, comprehensively applies new technologies, new materials, new processes and new methods, and establishes its own core technical system to improve product performance and high. Technology added value, established in the leading position in the industry, to promote the development of the wax products industry;
Cultivate and gather high-level engineering and technical talents and management talents in relevant professional fields; participate in the introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation of relevant industry technologies and equipment.
We will carry out various forms of international and domestic cooperation and exchanges, research and development of technology and management technologies, and gradually learn from advanced foreign companies, and make full use of mature technologies and processes at home and abroad to establish extensive cooperative relations; and greatly accelerate the pace of technological innovation in enterprises.


R&D Center have 2 professional designer and 4 specialized chemical engineers. We can help you to create a gorgeous bespoke candle or private label diffuser to suit your brand. Your vision, including the look and feel, fragrance and the sort of quantities, anything you think you need, will be realized into truth, test in technical, demonstrate on sample and final mass production.
Either select from our stocked components, or our experienced team can go out to the marketplace to find new elements for you, using our extensive network of suppliers.
Your bespoke product is tested to ensure it is safe and burns as desired.
We provide you with scent samples, and a full costing before you commit to your order.
Everything is mixed and made, quality checked, packed and shipped from our own factory in Qingdao.

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